Can We Have Movie Heroism Without The Sexism, Please? (An Excerpt)

Published recently, on Medium: Can We Have Movie Heroism Without The Sexism, Please? Most movie heroism, of men and women, is underpinned by the victimisation of women — and, ironically, that’s the only kind of gender equality in cinema The Bride (Uma Thurman) in Kill Bill It’s fairly standard Hollywood screenwriting. The hero can’t be... Continue Reading →

On Medium: How Two Weeks On Vancouver Island Soothed My British Soul

My latest, over on Medium, is what happens when you leave the shores of the U.K and spend time in a place that values the acknowledgement of injustice. An excerpt follows: "Due to a variety of circumstances, I had not travelled beyond the shores of Great Britain for a number of years. We decided that... Continue Reading →

Captain Marvel And The Patriarchal Tool (on Medium)

  An excerpt from my latest piece on Medium,  which digs into the way Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel slices straight to the heart of what makes Patriarchy tick: The ‘Patriarchal Tool’. It sounds like a turn of phrase you might use to refer to a misogynist troll on Twitter, or even an unpleasant and entitled... Continue Reading →

Fear, Truth, And Writing: Lessons From My First NaNoWriMo (An Excerpt From Medium)

November 2018 saw me undertake my first ever NaNoWriMo ( This is the National Novel Writing Month challenge that tasks writers with penning a minimum of 50,000 words in the month of November. The idea is that writing that many words will result in you having a complete first draft of a novel, on which... Continue Reading →

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